RambleChat for Marketing

Move from Engagement to Conversation to Close

Drive More Revenue from your Website and Beyond

Qualify More Leads & Create More Sales Conversations

Forms are a thing of the past. Your buyers expect instant conversation and immediate attention. Ramble Bot is designed to help marketers and demand generation create more sales conversations:

  1. Qualify Leads
  2. Automatically Capture Buyer Info
  3. Offer Content and Suggestions
  4. 24/7 Back-up to your SDR’s & BDR’s
  5. Book More meetings

"Our team has seen incredible success using Ramble to engage with target accounts and immediately route them to the appropriate team member at VanillaSoft."

Darryl Praill
CMO, VanillaSoft
Darryl Praill CMO, VanillaSoft

Trusted by global companies - big and small

ABM Chat

Because High-Value Accounts Deserve Preferential Treatment

With ABM Chat, instantly notify the account owner when target accounts want to start a conversation – on your website or anywhere online using SCC.

Ramble ABM, instantly notifications of chats
Drive Better Conversations with Ramble ABM

Designed for Marketers
Custom Bot Playbooks + Ease of Use

Ramble Bot was designed to be powerful, yet simple to deploy. Playbooks can be cloned, easily modified, and rolled out within minutes.

Spend more time creating demand, not struggling with a confusing bot builder.

Chatbot Builder

Greet your target accounts by name automatically

Increase chat engagement and maximize lead conversion using existing data from your CRM, Tech Stack and Firmographic Data.

Ramble provides a robust customer centric front-end with the sophistication of the Watson brain
Proactive Message Personalization

Proactive Messages

Super Easy to Set Up.
Phenomenal Customer Support

We get your sales team productive in minutes, without the frustrations of typical chat configurations.

Our support team is always ready to help - whenever you have a question or a request.

Michael Mitchell, VP of Marketing Synthio

"RambleChat's customer service has been phenomenal. They have been extremely responsive and helpful in getting things set up."

Michael Mitchell
VP of Marketing Synthio

Sync Account and Conversation Data - Automatically

Make it easy for sales and marketing to track sales activity and account-based selling. Use the SalesLoft and Salesforce integration to capture lead and account conversations!

SalesLoft Sync
Kickfire logo Ramble Chat uses KickFire's leading IP Intelligence and Firmographics data

Connect the right sales rep in real-time

Account Based Chat Routing

Personalized Engagement = Pipeline Growth

  • Notify the correct account owner the moment a chat is initiated.
  • Mobile and Desktop Notifications.
  • Ramble ABM uses leading IP Intelligence and Firmographic data to ensure the industry’s most accurate domain and account information.

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