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Elevate Your Chatbot to New Levels

Amplify the Value of your Bot

What is a “Chatbot Extension?

Ramble helps Bot Developers and Bot End-Users enhance their customer experience and ROI:

Ramble helps Bot Developers and Bot End-Users enhance their customer experience

1. Extended Reach

Take your Bot or AI Chatbot to new digital locations, with immense speed and agility, without the costly integration pursuit. Ramble’s fast and customer focused chat experience can be hitched to any existing technology using our patent-pending Single Click Chat (SCC). Move beyond Word-press, Facebook Messenger, and other integration channels and embed your chatbot anywhere to more easily connect with prospects and customers!

2. New Go-To-Market Opportunities

Ramble opens new use-case opportunities for customer and buyer engagement. With limitless omni-channel access, Chatbot developers can sync into our SCC, and through a simple HREF, deliver their bot with new potential. Any website, social media platform, email campaign, sales proposal, QR Code, advertisement, SMS, etc. Anywhere a link is accessible, consumers can access the Chatbot with incredible scale and speed.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience

Whether simple bots, or sophisticated AI Chatbots with NLP, NLU, or ML, the human element is often missing with a less than desirable experience – either for the company configuring the Bot or the customer interacting with it. Ramble’s customer focused UI / UX makes bot configuration simple (intents & set-up flow organically into our live chat metaphor),- while enhancing human escalation, sophisticated chat routing, ABM intelligence, and a sales focused experience. Focus on the bot and let Ramble focus on the front-end experience!

"Ramble provides a front-end metaphor for omni-present distribution
while facilitating human pickup for bot escalation. This allows bot developers to do what they do best - focus on bot development."

Jason Deegan, VP, Product, Ramble
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Ramble ChatBot Extension

Features & Benefits

Connect to any Chatbot

Watson, Lex, Azure or Custom. Ramble's API works with all

Extend your Chatbot anywhere

Deploy your bot easier with new use case opportunities

Watch in Real-Time

With Ramble, all chatbot sessions are recorded and viewable in real-time

Our elegant and powerful front-end creates a better chat experience

Alert a Human

Alert humans when it's time to elevate the conversation

Prospect & Customer Focused

Our elegant and powerful front-end creates a better chat experience

Eliminate Configuration Issue

Ramble makes bot configuration easier with faster optimization

Enhance your chatbot reach and customer experience now!

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How does Ramble+Legacy Bots Work?
What type of bots would work with Ramble?
What type of information do you collect about visitors?
As much or as little as you desire. And every bit we collect we pass on to you.
Can customer service agents watch bot trafic in real-time?
Do we have to re-write our bot?
Is Ramble secure?
Ramble is very secure as a 3rd party SaaS application but is ultimately secure deployed in your own environment. Ask us how.